Young, Fearless & Reaching for the Stars

YPLA alumna Clarissa Regede received a scholarship from the Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust to study for a Master of Science Degree in Public Policy and Management for the 2017/8 academic year. Clarissa is currently studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, and commenced her studies in September 2017. She is a nominee for the prestigious Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards 2017.

Clarissa picture

Clarissa is a graduate of the Young Women’s Leadership (YWL) programme (Class of 2013). She is an established leader in public health policy advocacy in Zimbabwe with a traceable record of achievement and high level impact at the national and global levels, and currently works as a Project Officer in the HIV, Human Rights and Law programme at Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights. She mainly works on national health policy and law reform advocacy work and promoting rights literacy in communities to improve the lives of key populations and people living with HIV.   At the national level, she has been involved in policy advocacy to increase access to quality health services for PLHIV, LGBTI and hard to reach communities and also led on national advocacy on increased health care funding from central government over the past three years. She serves as African Female Youth Advisor to the Global Fund on HIV, TB and Malaria. Clarissa holds a BSc (Hons) in Public Administration from the University of Zimbabwe.


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