Not even the sky is the limit for Buumba Malambo

Buumba continues to defy all odds not only in Zambia, but regionally and internationally. In the past 3 months, she received 5 local and international awards, namely The Zambian Woman of the Year, Cry of An Orphan Award, Outstanding African Motivational Award, African Image Maker Award and the 100 Iconic Women World Award (alongside world leaders like German President Angela Merkel, Hilary Clinton, Melinda Gates, Sanai Ghandi, Christine Largarde and Wangai Matari). She has received 21 awards to date, and currently has 590 children on the Mwana Apunzile Scholarship under her organisation, Buumbalambo. She  participated at the first ever Women’s Parliament for Africa in Mauritius in July 2017. She was chosen as the Southern African Ambassador for the African Achievers International.

Buumba AwardsBuumba is famous her isnpirational quote, “I am cut from a different cloth.” Photo credit: Buumba Malambo

 Buumba is a dynamic Humanitarian. She is  the founded the Buumbalambo Foundation and the Mwana Apunzile Scholraship Fund in March 2015. She is a social work graduate from the University of Zambia who began her charity at age 16. She was appointed as Mufulira Youth secretary by Mufulira Town clerk at age 15. She is a Councillor for Magoba Ward in Zambia’s Kafue District, and the youngest politician in Zambia. She is the youngest serving member of the Ministry of Gender and Child National co-coordinating committee and has over the years worked with the Ministry of Child and Gender to organise events related to children. Her Humanitarian work has given her the privilege to be on great platforms like the Queen’s Young Leaders Advisory Panel where she met Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in June 2015.

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