Because Girls Can!


11 October has been commemorate each year as the International Day of the Girl, since 2012. The day is set aside to celebrate achievements made by girls and for the benefit of girls, as well as draw attention to gender inequality being faced by girls across the globe. SAfAIDS YPLA joined other stakeholders to celebrate the day under the theme, ‘The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision 2030.’ This year’s focuses on the importance of investment in girls’ education and health, among other human rights, for the atainment of global sustainable development in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

(click this link if you want to know morw about the SDGs,

Efforts to address gender inequality and other challenges being faced by girls should  not just be celebrated on 11 October,  but should be something that all communities and nations collectively work towards each day. The SAfAIDS YPLA is making a pledge to meaningfully support, promote and empower the girl child each day! Take a stand, make the pledge and create a peaceful, safe and supportive environment for the gilr child to grow and realise her full potential.

Until next time, continue to celebrate and support the girls in your life.

#DayoftheGirl #IDG2017 #FreedomForGirls # girlsareawesome #YPLA #youngpeopleleading #SAfAIDS


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