Your Background Is Not Your Future

By Esinathy Sibanda, YPLA 2017 Class- Zimbabwe

We do not have time to mourn our backgrounds in the 24 hours that we have per day. Instead, we need to dedicate time to reflect on our success stories and embrace a brighter tomorrow. Mind you, I am not saying forget your background, but do not waste time crying over it, pointing fingers  and making excuses, and ultimately  letting it determine your future. If we do free ourselves from the burden of the past, it will destroy our future. Wake up friend!

All great people or leaders that we are admiring in this era are the individuals who did not allow their backgrounds to determine their full potential in life. They overcame barriers associated with their backgrounds, and carried lessons learnt in those past life events. They shaped their destinies and built their legacies, drawing strength from their ‘unpleasant’ backgrounds. Oprah Winfrey, not that she is the only one but I relate closely to her life story, has a not-so-good background; a rape survivor, a teen mother and living in utmost poverty, but did not let that determine her life… she is a global icon whose success is celebrated by all.

It is time to make a complete break from backgrounds we have nothing to with, work diligently to better ourselves and leave a trademark behind that will effective contribute to the development of other people.  We need individuals who are committed and believe we can create a better future  to take the wheel and be drivers of change; a change we can all celebrate, a change that can help someone write his or her own success story. Live for what today has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away. WE CAN DO THIS!

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