Because Girls Can!

11 October has been commemorate each year as the International Day of the Girl, since 2012. The day is set aside to celebrate achievements made by girls and for the benefit of girls, as well as draw attention to gender inequality being faced by girls across the globe. SAfAIDS YPLA joined other stakeholders to celebrate... Continue Reading →


For the Love of Mental Health

This week YPLA joined the rest of the world in commemorating World Mental Health Day on 10 October, so today we are going to share brief information on mental health and tips to overcome some of the disorders. Based on statistics from the World Health Organisation and the Mental Health Foundation, an estimated 10-20% of... Continue Reading →

YPLA Focus Fridays: Creating Safe Spaces for Young People

Imagine a place, a safe space where you could ask all the questions you've ever had on sexuality, sexual rights, reproductive health and that confusing thing your friend once said...without any fear, embarrassment or anyone judging you. That place would be brilliant, wouldn't it? Well that space exists! The SAfAIDS YPLA launched the Focus Fridays... Continue Reading →

Your Background Is Not Your Future

By Esinathy Sibanda, YPLA 2017 Class- Zimbabwe We do not have time to mourn our backgrounds in the 24 hours that we have per day. Instead, we need to dedicate time to reflect on our success stories and embrace a brighter tomorrow. Mind you, I am not saying forget your background, but do not waste... Continue Reading →

#GlobalAdvocacy with Nyasha Phanisa Sithole

Nyasha Phanisa Sithole Nyasha recently got selected to be a Youth Power Global Leader from 2017-2018 under the Restless Development Youth Power Campaign. The Youth Power Campaign aims to achieve the Global goals to end poverty, inequality and climate change through supporting young people and their collective power to turn these global commitments into reality.... Continue Reading →

Timothy Bengo- A Gem in Lilongwe

Timothy Bengo, Malawi Timothy is a nominee for the 2017 Young Achievers Awards in Malawi, in the HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) category. The Awards will be held on International Youth Day (12 August 2017). Since completing training at YPLA, he has assumed the responsibility of representing Youth Network and Counselling (YONECO)... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Young Change Makers!

As we approach International Youth Day 2017 (12 August), as YPLA we are celebrating our graduates and mentees creating change in their respective communities and countries, as well as in the southern African region. The month of August will be dedicated to the young people! Check out the profiles in following posts. #YPLA #safaids #youngpeopleleading... Continue Reading →

Creating the Africa that We Want!

  It is rare for national, regional and international policies and developmental agendas to include representation from young people, despite efforts to get meaningful engagement and involvement of young people in decision making, policy formulation. But recently, new platforms have emerged, encouraging young people to take up leadership roles and help create an environment that... Continue Reading →

Of being young and leading!

This week has been exciting at YPLA, we have been planning something big (we'll share the news soon!), and we had our alumni contribute towards the United Nations Youth Strategy by taking part in a survey to shape the future of the UN with regards to young people. This might seem small, but trust us,... Continue Reading →

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